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Statusupdate 2012-03

We're not good at keeping you updated, are we?

So, things have been going great here. The preview version is still online for you to fumble around with. We reserve the right to nuke it from orbit once the concentration of "lorem ipsum" gets too high:

We also started working together with two great testers and publishing the results on a german-language site:

We also just set up a blog for sharing behind-the-scenes stuff, like the processes we use to work with that format.

Since the last update, we created, among others
* the "right column" tumblelog and a bookmarklet to go with it
* a basic front page geared towards very few current stories. we also support static pages like "about", "t&c" and such.
* proper author info on story pages
* a q&a section, which we're still polishing
* the "in more details" feature, allowing the writer to specify sections of text to hide per default, which the reader can extend if they want additional details

We also added an experimental feature enabling authors to embed stories in other sites, and numerous small and big improvements I may or may not have forgotten about.

We could publish screenshots here, but it'd be more efficient for you to check out the current preview and - if you can read german - the onon.at site.

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